God Cares About all the Details

April 14, 2016

The volunteers of Random Acts of Love strive to stay sensitive to the needs God makes known to us. Over the past few months we have been able to help one woman pay for some needed medical expenses, and another to fix her car to be able to work; we’ve provided assistance to a gentleman feeling hopeless and having a hard time getting back on his feet, and enabled another woman who was feeling very isolated to travel to be with family over the Holidays.

Recently, we became aware of a need for a woman who had recently lost her brother and dog. She was feeling very isolated and was not going to be able to pay for her phone bill for three months which would result in a further lack of being able to communicate with others. We were able to pay the phone bill for the three months and she wrote the following response:

“I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the check to pay my phone bill. My phone is on thanks to the love of others and God. I hope and pray God does something special for everyone who made this possible. I will forever carry the envelope with the enclosed card and note in my purse to remind me there are other people who care and how God makes things happen. You are in my prayers. God is good.”

By the grace of God we have been able to tangibly encourage others while giving Him the glory. Many of these individuals will never forget these acts and that God truly cares about all the details in their lives, even the small ones.

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