Getting the Kids Involved!

April 24, 2015

1480490_459424014164145_1695269910_nTwo recent activities Random Acts of Love was involved with offered an opportunity to encourage kids to love in action. We delivered cookies to the Elgin, TX Fire Station and pizzas and soda to the Elgin, TX Police Station as a way to say thank you for the job you do and thank you for serving our community.


1545660_459423990830814_182999579_nThe firemen working that day were kind enough to let the kids learn about and explore the fire trucks. The kids were thrilled and had a blast!

Over at the police station, we were given a complete tour of the facility. The kids were timid at first

elgin_pdbut quickly warmed up with the friendliness of the officers on duty that day. They were even given colorful goldfish, a definite hit.

Big, small, old, young, we are all called to love others in action. A little dose of fun can be part of that equation too!1555531_459423600830853_1811750589_n