Finding our Footing

December 31, 2013

2013 was a year for finding our footing here at R.A.O.L. Several “Acts of Love” were implemented, ranging from assisting with medical expenses, raising money for children’s programs, helping with transportation needs, reaching out to flood victims and more.

All “Acts” were completed keeping our efforts as anonymous as practical and motivated by Christ’s love. We pried open doors for hearing the Gospel by meeting needs. But we wanted most to encourage fellow Christians to make a commitment to be ongoing door openers to deliver the good news that Jesus not only is concerned for people’s spiritual welfare but also for their physical well being.

The last “Act” of 2013 may have signaled the clearest path for R.A.O.L in 2014. It involved meeting a financial need for a family with children facing sudden loss of relationships, unfair persecution literally at their doorstep, and financial hardship, all happening within weeks of Christmas. The restoration of hope and reassurance of Christ’s love given when they least expected it glorified God and showed He had not forgotten them. Their encouragement encouraged us.

R.A.O.L. didn’t go looking for a random general need. A specific need was made known to us and we were compelled by God’s Spirit to act. We were so thankful to have the resources to do so and therefore very grateful for the financial support received throughout our inaugural year.