Adventures at Spin ‘n’ Kleen

January 21, 2016

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Random Acts of Love has had the opportunity over the last several months to ​serve residents in a local East Austin neighborhood. Twice a month volunteers show up at Spin ‘n’ Kleen with snacks, detergent and a bucket of quarters to help struggling individuals and families with free laundry. We also ask patrons for prayer requests and pray for the people we meet throughout the week. We have had the opportunity to share the good news of Jesus and hel to encourage and strengthen the faith of many who already believe.

The majority of patrons at this location are either homeless or struggling to make ends meet. Laundry can often be a luxury, pushed down the list of priorities when times are tight. This simple act of love can go a long way to restore weary spirits. We love this neighborhood and it has been a blessing to serve here.

The first time we explain to a patron what we are doing, we are generally met with one of two reactions. 1) That’s random! I’d love the help! Or 2) Wow, God really shows up on time! Whatever they are walking through at that time, God was providing encouragement through this tangible act of love. Time and time again, people automatically knew before we had a chance to say why we were there that it was God working through us. Tears and hugs are a common occurrence.

DSC00015Over the past few months we have seen God working in the lives of many people we meet here. We met a homeless woman on one of our first visits, her name will remain anonymous. She had a lot of difficult cards dealt​ to her in life​,​ yet would praise God for all of the blessings she did have in the midst of her struggles. She would talk of the difficulty living at the downtown Austin shelter​,​ yet focus on things such as “Thank the Lord I had someone to have a stimulating conversation with last night!” Getting to know her became as much of a blessing to us as we were to her. By the grace of God, she is now off the streets, has a job and ​is ​registered for school this semester.

God has shown up in many tangible ways during these Laundromat adventures. We are blessed to serve such an amazing God. All glory to Him.